Large Crystals on Porcelain
Introduction :
The universe colorful and harmonious of the large crystals allows infinite and exciting searches...
* Born in France, in Millançay (Loir et Cher)
* Studies Industrial Ceramics at the national school of professional teaching "Henri BRISSON" of Vierzon (Cher)
* makes a career in the ceramic industry as technical manager of a large tableware factory.
* Discovers the crystallizations and begins to act in the early 2000s by creating his workshop in St-Martin-sur-Ocre (Loiret)
* The crystalline glazes became his favorite ceramics hobby, and he exhibits his creations in France and Europe since 2002.
* Acts mainly in the field of the zinc silicate crystalline glazes on porcelain fired at high temperature at cone 8 and in oxidizing atmosphere.
* His research focuses on controlling the crystallizing effects, and the accuracy of process.
Knighthood in the Order of Arts and Letters - March 21, 2006
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