Large Crystals on Porcelain


The universe colorful and harmonious of the large crystals allows infinite and exciting searches...
Born in France, in Millançay (Loir et Cher)
Studies Industrial Ceramics at the national school of professional teaching "Henri BRISSON" of Vierzon (Cher)
Makes a career in the ceramic industry as technical manager of a large tableware factory.
Discovers the crystallizations and begins to act in the early 2000s by creating his workshop in St-Martin-sur-Ocre (Loiret)
The crystalline glazes became his favorite ceramics hobby, and he exhibits his creations in France and Europe since 2002.
Acts mainly in the field of the zinc silicate crystalline glazes on porcelain fired at high temperature at cone 8 and in oxidizing atmosphere.
His research focuses on controlling the crystallizing effects, and the accuracy of process.
He has been communicating his experience through this site since 2004.
Knighthood in the Order of Arts and Letters - March 21, 2006 (in French)
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